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  • Communication   ( 1 Article )
    The notice concerns activities aimed at promoting the dissemination activities and project results to partners, public institutions might be interested in the project. Elle vise également à rendre accessible les résultats du projet aux décideurs politiques pour que ceux-ci puissent être utilisés, prolongés ou développés dans d'autres programmes et d'autres perspectives. It also aims to make available the project results to policy makers so that they can be used, extended and developed in other programs and other opportunities.
  • Comparative analysis   ( 1 Article )

    Comparative analysis of innovation in agriculture should enable project partners to exchange information and experience to identify strategic areas for innovation and to identify good practices in these areas.

  • Methodology   ( 1 Article )
    From the results of comparative analysis of innovation in agriculture partners are considering the establishment of a common method of strengthening strategic cooperation between public authorities and economic actors in agriculture, based on 3 points: the enhancement of knowledge, know-how and organizational capacities of socio-professional actors, to make them better able to govern more quickly to changes.
  • Strategy   ( 1 Article )

    This project aims to define and implement a strategy for implementing the method AGRISLES, through the coordinated planning of concrete actions within the framework of regional policies, at first, and build further cooperation in the framework of the transnational competence center for innovation in agriculture in the islands.

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