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Supported by countries and regions having an island context, including Cyprus (Cyprus), the North-Aegean and Thessaly (Greece), Malta, Sicily and Sardinia (Italy), Corsica (France), the Balearic islands (Spain), to which are associated the Azores islands (Portugal), the project aims at improving the efficiency of regional policies by reinforcing the innovation capacities for agriculture.

This project takes place in a food crisis context justifying a “new global agricultural policy” with domestic agriculture development at stake in the South and reorientation towards a more environmentally friendly agriculture in the North. The Mediterranean islands, between North and South, must face both issues at stake.

The ambition is to create a sustainable system of closer relationship among public authorities in order to better coordinate their search for solutions to similar problems in their agriculture, and thus improve, altogether, the efficiency of regional policies. But it is also to help economic, technical and scientific actors of the different islands to meet each other in this framework. While facing the same difficulties, indeed they rarely, or never, get to know each other.

In front of the isolation of the institutional and economic actors, and the tendency to look for solutions in a strictly local context and to reject solutions coming from the continent as they are considered, often rightly, as ill-suited, create a real obstacle to innovation and public policies’ efficiency. The project intends to deliver a new answer: breaking isolation by bringing the islands together.

Starting from a common vision of problems, partners work together with the objective of testing and setting up an innovating method to disseminate innovation in the insular agricultural and rural world, which will serve as a basis for the follow up of their cooperation.

As a first step, the definition of the innovating method is based on the joint assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each island-region in terms of innovation for agriculture and on the identification of efficient practices, especially with respect to new relationships to establish between the public authorities and actors of the rural and agricultural world in the islands (Component 2).

The livestock breeding sector, the importance of which is underlined for the islands, serves as test-sector, on a methodological point of view, to plan the activities of the future network, based on a detailed assessment of methods, good practices and experiences of each region in terms of innovation for agriculture in this sector. (Component 3)


The project leads to the implementation of concrete inter-islands actions for innovation, and the coordinated planning of other actions within the frame of regional policies, which will constitute the basement of the follow up of the project and the cooperation within the frame of the inter-islands network for innovation in agriculture (Component 4).


- the Region of Corsica, France, lead partner, Office du Développement Agricole et Rural de la Corse

- the Region of the Balearic islands, Spain, Conselleria d'Agricultura i Pesca

- the Region of Sardinia, Italy, Agenzia Laore

- the Region of Sicily, Italy, Assessorato Agricoltura e foreste

- Malta island, Gozo island, Ministry for Gozo

- the archipelagic Region of the North-Aegean, Greece, the Regional Development Funds for North Aegean Region

- Cyprus island, Cyprus,  the Ministry of Agriculture, the Environment and Natural Resources

- the Azores islands, Portugal, Secretaria Regional da Agricultura e Florestas


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The general objective of the project is the creation of a new frame of cooperation between islands, for innovation in agriculture, by the mean of a network organizing at regional and transnational levels the public and private innovation capacities, within “poles of competencies”. The AGRISLES NETWORK will mobilize these “poles of competencies” for concrete actions, planned in a coordinated manner in the frame of the implementation of regional policies.

This is possible with the establishment of new relationships between regional public authorities and economical stakeholders of the island agricultural and rural world (the farmers and their economical and technical groupings, training centres, popularizing centres, research, experimentation centres, state services, regional administration, local authorities, …), as well at the regional level as at the trans-island level, in order to in order to bring together the whole of the diversified but complementary competencies existing in the inter-island cooperation area, inside the MED area.

The operational objectives of the project are to unable the partners :


  • - to better assess altogether the strategic fields for innovation in agriculture, with a prospective vision (phase 3.1),
  • - to identify the good “innovation tools”, the best practices stemming from the experiences of each partner (phase 3.2),
  • - elaborate together an innovation methodology for agriculture in the islands, based on the strengthening of strategic cooperation between public authorities and economic stakeholder (phase 4.1),
  • - to test this method in each island, on a key-sector for each one, with pilot project stressing on one or several innovation tools, depending on the needs of each partner (phase 4.2),
  • - to define a strategy of implementation of this methodology, through coordinated programming of concrete actions in the frame of the regional policies, as a first step (phase 5.1),
  • - to built the continuation of their cooperation in the frame of the transnational network of poles of competencies for innovation in agriculture in the island regions (phase 5.2),
  • - to communicate widely the results of the project at the regional and transnational levels.


Expected results PDF Print E-mail

As operational outputs of their cooperation, and practical instruments to ensure the following of their project, the partners will deliver:

- an “AGRISLES methodological guide”, defining their method in a practical way,

- a model of “pact for innovation in favour of agriculture in the island”, based on the AGRISLES method, which they will use in each island to have a first pact for innovation signed between the public authorities and the economical stakeholders of the sector chosen to test the method,

- a common call for proposals, published before the end of the project, to disseminate the AGRISLES method in other sectors than the ones already tested, through pilot projects based on the application of the AGRISLES method. These projects will participate to the implementation of the AGRISLES NETWORK. They will be funded by the measures of the partners’ regional policies, in particular measure 1.2.4 of the European development program for “cooperation in terms of innovation”, which is also found in the Rural development plans of each partners.


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